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There are many benefits for involving an Accredited Practising Dietitian in the care of your patients. Here are some ways medical nutrition therapy can be of benefit for commonly referred conditions:


  • Improved nutritional status

  • Improved biochemistry

  • Improvement in anaemic symptoms, e.g. reduced fatigue

Coeliac Disease

  • Increased understanding of a gluten-free diet

  • Improvement in symptoms

  • Improved nutritional status

  • Improved biochemistry

  • Improved bowel habits

  • Improved body weight

  • Improved growth in children


  • Individualized dietary prescription

  • Improved BGL control

  • Improved HbA1c levels

  • Reduced risk of complications

  • Improved body weight

  • Diet management with insulin therapy


  • Diet prescription to help normalize or improve bowel habits

  • Alternate plan for flare ups

  • Plan for gradual re-introduction of fibre rich foods

  • Minimise abdominal discomfort

Food Allergies

- Understanding food labels

- Confidence and ability to make safe food choices

- Reduce risk of immune response


- Individualized dietary plan for symptom management

- Identification of food triggers using evidence-based elimination diets

- Monitoring of symptoms

- Improved nutritional status

- Trial food re-introduction


- Individualized dietary plan for lipid management

- Improved serum lipid levels

- Improved body weight

- Reduction in risk of heart disease

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

- Identification of foods that trigger symptoms

- Dietary pattern with balance of fibre types and sufficient fluid

- Normal or improved bowel habits

- Minimised abdominal discomfort

Liver Disease

- Diet prescription to match disease stage

- Improved nutritional status

- Manage body weight

Nutrition support 

- Oral nutritional supplementation if required to meet needs

- Improved nutritional status

- Improved physical function

- Improved wound healing

Renal Disease

- Diet prescription individualized to match stage of renal disease and biochemistry

Improved nutritional  status

- Improved body weight

Weight Regulation

- Improved weight

- Improved body acceptance and satisfaction

- Improved nutritional status

- Improved relationship with food/eating

Adapted from "How Your Practice Can Benefit from an APD" produced by the Dietitians Association of Australia. Click here to access the full brochure.

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